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Among the European countries, Turkey is in the first rank regarding the deaths caused by heart attack. Every year, 200 thousand people die because of coronary diseases but it can be possible to be protected against heart attack by taking necessary precautions. Memorial Şişli Hospital Cardiac Surgery Department Chair Prof. Dr. Bingür Sönmez explained the ways of protecting heart in 10 steps.

When should heart controls be started?

Heart controls should be started in mother’s womb. After the 3rd month, it is needed to look the ventricles of babies with ultrasonography and make a diagnosis regarding their health. ECHO should be made when they are 5, and blood sugar, blood fats and blood pressure controls should be done at least a couple of times before 20.

When is the riskiest period regarding coronary health?

Between the ages of 20 and 30 is the period when the corrosion is in its peak. Super hard exams before being admitted by the universities, leaving the family for the first time when the university period starts, first love, marriage, having a kid exhausts the heart. When we were born, our heart is 0 years old. When we are 20, it is absolutely more than 20. The important thing is handling the heart age and the normal age in a balance. Smoking starts mostly in this period. Daily smoking ratio is 22% between the ages of 15-27, one of every three university students (33%) smokes. A heart which has been used poorly until 30 prepares the ground for an early heart attack.

Should every pain in heart taken into consideration?

Heart is an organ which works 24 hours a day without a break and needs more oxygen than a normal muscle. If a vein is blocked and enough oxygen does not reach to the heart, heart attack occurs. Heat attack may start with pains while walking and then it may reveal itself while resting. There are some painless cardiac patients (silent heat disease). The patient without a pain is unlucky. The first pain can be a heart attack and the heart attack may be so heavy as to lose life.

Which pains inform about heart attack?

If pain in chest, neck, arm, left wrist or finger, feeling of pressure, numbness or tingling exists, a doctor should be immediately consulted. To sum up, a feeling which did not exist before in these areas should be taken into consideration.

Which patients have silent heart disease?

Pain is a mechanism which protects the body. The patients with disturbed pain mechanism are the ones with diabetes and COPD and the overweight individuals. Besides this, female patients have a higher pain threshold; so, silent heart disease is more frequently seen in them than men.

 How often heart check-ups must be done in adults?

 The individuals whose family has an early heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure history and overweight persons are in the high risk group. The persons in the risk group should have a blood test, blood pressure control and effort test once a year after the age of 30, and the ones who have no risk should have the tests once a year after the age of 40. I especially suggest the ones who work in high risk jobs, and executives with high adrenaline to have computerized coronary angiography after the age of 40. Thanks to this wonderful technology, it is possible to have info about the situation of cardiovascular diseases for the next ten years. Nowadays the young persons are working in the jobs which exceed their age and occupational experience, they are taking the responsibilities which they cannot bear because of their age, and consuming themselves to prove their personality, and this situation increases the risk of coronary heart diseases.

Is high endorphin good for cardiac health?

We have two hormones which are produced by us in our body: adrenalin and endorphin. Adrenalin is a hormone which carries us through. It increases our blood pressure and pulse. But it also causes a bounding pulse, spasm and high blood pressure. Endorphin, on the other hand, enlarges the veins. Both of these give happiness and cause addiction. While listening to a good music, reading a nice book, and after a decent walk, our endorphin level rises in blood. It is good for our heart when the endorphin is as high and adrenaline is as low as possible. The true formulation of cardiac health is this.

May children have a heart attack?

The death cases experienced in children because of cardiac reasons are not heart attack. In order to have a heart attack, the veins which nourish the heart should have a blood clot inside and this clot should block the veins. The cases in children are frequently caused by the congenital events. This may be a valve narrowness (mostly the aorta valve), congenital rhythm disorder or thickening of the area between the two walls of heart. Most of the death cases in children occur because of the rhythm disorder caused by congenital anomalies. If there are some problems like empurpling in suction, this is a messenger of a congenital heart anomaly.

How do coldness and heat affect heart?

The cases or heart attack and vascular diseases increase during winter. Coldness is a factor of spasm. When the cold is directly taken via chest or breathe, it causes a spasm. Especially in cold weather, it is important to wear warm clothes and have a scarf. Some medicines for flu which are increasingly taken during winter cause rhythm disorder. The extreme heat which occurs during summer also threatens cardiac health. The electrolytes lost by sweating may cause rhythm disorder, and the concentration of the blood because of losing water may cause an innocent narrowness to make a blockage in the coronary veins. The water should be taken during summer is 2,5-3 litres to keep the urine in light colour.

Which exercises are good for cardiac health?

The most beneficial exercise for the heart is a quick walk. The exercises should be done without exhausting oneself so much. If the body is used to it, it is good to have a 45 minute walk daily. But if the exercise is to be done for the first time, walking too much and exhausting the body will not be a true policy. The second important sport for cardiac health is swimming. The pulse should not be under 100 but it is not necessary to take it above 120 while doing the exercise.

The first step to be protected against cardiac diseases is abstaining from cigarettes. Then the weight, blood pressure and glucose should be taken under control. You should leave sugar and carbohydrates and it is better not to meet with smoking for once.

Prepared by the Medical Editorial Board. Our health library contents have been prepared for informational purposes only and with the scientific content on the registration date. For all your questions, concerns, diagnosis or treatment about your health, please consult your doctor or health institution.


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