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PGT that is Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, is the process of subjecting the embryos to a genetic test for whether there is a known genetic (hereditary) disease and whether there are abnormalities in gene sequencing in order to have babies by the way of in vitro fertilization method and transferring only the healthy ones to the mother.

Pre-PGT Counseling and Evaluation of the Couple

When our center is consulted for IVF methods, clinicians take a detailed history from the couples and PGT methods are recommended to suitable couples in order to increase the chance of success after individual evaluations. In couples, decided to undergo PGT, the approaches to be applied in couples differ according to female age, ovarian reserve and the presence of a genetic disease. After taking a detailed history of both the couple's own history and other family members, all tests including genetic tests are examined and, if necessary, the specific tests of the spouses, children or other family members are evaluated and the planned PGT technique is decided to be used. The couples are informed about female age, ovarian reserve and the rates of finding an embryo suitable for transfer by PGT according to the indication, and the rates of misdiagnosis and inability to make a diagnosis. After detailed evaluations, a personalized treatment protocol and the correct medication doses are selected to obtain a good quality embryo suitable for trophectoderm biopsy and freezing. Depending on the characteristics of the couple, it is aimed to obtain the maximum number of usable embryos possible by using fertilization enhancing methods or different embryo culture systems, if necessary.

Who can benefit from the PGT method?

PGT can be performed with different indications such as elder maternal age, severe male factor, recurrent pregnancy losses or a known single gene disease. Depending on the indication for performing PGT and the factors such as the age and ovarian reserve of the person, it may sometimes be necessary to increase the number of embryos undergoing PGT with repetitive IVF applications. At this stage, the IVF physician should carefully evaluate the necessity of performing PGT on the embryos of the couple and start the treatment with the appropriate treatment protocol in the cycle where the most appropriate response is to be obtained.

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