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Memorial Kayseri Hospital

Memorial Kayseri Hospital

Örnekevler Mah. Salih Avgun Paşa Cad. Temizel Sok. No: 13, 38010, Kocasinan/Kayseri
Memorial Kayseri Hospital


Memorial Health Group carried the understanding of service focused on excellence in health services and patient satisfaction to the Central Anatolia Region with Memorial Kayseri Hospital, and Memorial Kayseri started to serve as the 9th hospital of the group in 2013. Memorial Kayseri Hospital, in addition to its prestigious and strong academic physician staff, health staff who combine their knowledge and know-how with close attention, and patient-oriented service understanding; It is positioned to meet all the health care services required by the Central Anatolia Region with its patient rooms and living areas with modern architectural design.

Memorial Kayseri Hospital, which has an area of ​​11 thousand square meters, has a capacity of 119 beds and 5 operating rooms. Memorial Kayseri, which uses the most advanced medical technology in the operating theater, imaging units, laboratories and intensive care units, provides health services to patients and their relatives at international standards.

Synergy among Memorial Hospitals

With the PACS system (filmless hospital feature) at Memorial Kayseri Hospital a medical synergy among all Memorial Hospitals of Turkey by sharing cases with imaging and laboratory findings is created.

Memorial IVF Experience in Kayseri

Memorial IVF services, which are named as a reference in many countries of the world, offer all treatments in the field of subsidiary fertility techniques to the service of Central Anatolia Region with Memorial Kayseri IVF Center.

Memorial Kayseri IVF Center, which is the only independent center with its architecture in the Central Anatolia Region, has an advanced laboratory, modern operating room, andrology, embryology and embryo freezing laboratory. The center has a capacity of 10 beds. Memorial Kayseri Hospital IVF Center also serves patients coming from abroad with its high experience and world-class technology.

Memorial Kayseri Hospital accepts patients in all branches within the scope of SSI agreement and also have agreements for private health insured and foreign health insured patients such as Zilveren Kruis.


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