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Medstar Antalya Hospital

Medstar Antalya Hospital

Yıldız Mah. Yıldız Cad. 220 Sok. No: 19, Antalya
Medstar Antalya Hospital


Medstar Antalya Hospital, founded in 2009; Combining experience, know-how and trust with advanced technological equipment, it serves with a capacity of 124 beds in an indoor area of 18.500 m2. Medstar Antalya Hospital has 5 operating rooms and 33 intensive care beds of which 23 in general and 10 in neonatal.

Medstar Antalya Hospital, which is designed to respond rapidly to the health needs of the whole Mediterranean Region especially Antalya, offers quality, ethical and reliable health services in all branches from medical oncology to hematolgy and bone marrow transplantation, from gynecology to neurosurgery, from pediatry to gastreontology, from ophtomolgy to endicronlolgy.

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