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How It Works?


  • International patients may request treatment at any Memorial Health Group location that they wish by filling out an appointment form. Our call centre representatives will get back to you in 24 hours. 
  • Our patient counsellors from our Medical Second Opinion (MSO) group shall inform you concerning the treatment that you are interested in. Since the MSO team acts as a bridge between you and the doctors, the MSO team may request certain information and documents from you for some types of treatment. In such a circumstance, you shall share all your medical records, screening, medicines that you use, your test results (reports, dispatch, x-rays, MRI’s, Computerized Tomography, ultrasounds and so on) or your photographs taken locally that are required from you. 
  • After you transmit your medical documents required, our specialist at MSO shall evaluate your medical files along with our doctors and shall inform you within a few days regarding the possible treatment plans in detail. At this stage, price information shall be also provided to you. 
  • Once you decide to be treated at Memorial, however in case you still have inquiries regarding the treatment to be made, you may share these with our patient care specialist that has contacted you. Your inquiries shall be responded to as soon as possible.

(In case you have international health insurance, please kindly inform us previously for us to prepare the required documents for you.)


  • You may plan to travel to Turkey with your opportunities, but also you may choose our package offers including treatment, hotel, interpreter, and airport transfer services. It is your choice!
  • After the approval of your treatment process, you shall pay the pre-payment price determined. Afterwards, you may purchase your flight ticket according to the treatment schedule determined.
  • Following the meeting that we made with you and the examinations, our specialist at MSO shall make your treatment plan and shall inform you regarding your surgery date and time.


Transportation to hospital, meeting with the doctor

  • If you wish, we will meet you at the airport; will provide you with admission to the hospital for the preliminary examinations, pan tests, and so on. You will meet your doctor, will ask your inquiries to your doctor directly and will pass one final assessment at least one day before the surgery date.
  • The information as to how long you shall stay at the hospital, and to when you may continue your life shall be provided to you before your treatment process in detail at this stage.


You may transfer your first payment before your travel to Turkey to the IBAN provided to you. You may pay the remaining amount that you need to complete to have the surgery that you wish as soon as possible and recover your health, on the date when you come for the doctor consultation at our hospital.


The treatment planned with the quality and security of Memorial and a team approach in each of our hospitals is realized comfortably with advanced technological opportunities.


Your control and care at a high level are performed after the surgery as a precaution against complications such as infections.


Your control process realized during your stay in our hospital also continues after you return to your country. In this context, you may communicate with our doctor by MSO’s in all matters regarding your treatment.


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Still not sure about a treatment or which doctor to pick? Not a problem. As your personalized patient manager, we’re here to answer all your questions, and send you a treatment plan once you have decided.