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Memorial Organ Transplant Center

Memorial Organ Transplantation Centers, which are the world’s reference centers and international training centers for liver transplantation, perform 250 transplants per year.

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Organ Transplant

We are the world’s reference center for organ transplantation

In addition to Memorial Organ Transplantation centers, world-renowned academic staff and health personnel specialized in patient care before and after transplantation; It is among the world's leading reference centers with its laboratories, imaging units, operating room, intensive care unit, inpatient floors and 250 liver transplants per year.

Bone Marrow Transplantation

Cells responsible for blood production in human organism are stem cells that are in the bone marrow. Transplantation of cells that have highly specialized functions is called "bone marrow transplantation". Bone marrow transplantation is performed in two way including transplantation from patient himself/herself and from another donor. Transplanting patient's own stem cells to the patient is called 'autologous' bone marrow transplantation; and transplanting stem cells taken from another person to the patient is called 'allogeneic' bone marrow transplantation.

Liver Transplantation

Liver performs many critical functions like the metabolism of medications, purifying blood from foreign and toxic matters (cleaning blood from ammoniac and bilirubin, for example) and synthesis of many significant proteins and enzymes (like the factors necessary for blood clotting). Besides, liver is the only organ in body which can renew itself after a large part of it is taken. More than half of liver which runs like a factory in body can be taken from donor for transplantation without causing any deterioration or any serious damage in liver function. Because chronic renal failure is a quite important health problem which threatens life, changing the liver is the only option. A piece of liver taken from a living donor or cadaver is placed in the patient and in this way, the patient can reach a healthy life again. However, it is important to have this process with an experienced team in a fully equipped hospital.

Kidney Transplantation

Kidneys are two organs in bean shape; they are located in the both sides of the backbone right below the rib cage. Each of them is as big as a fist. The main duty of the kidneys is filtering the residuum, minerals and liquid in blood and taking some harmful and residual elements out by way of urine. When our kidneys loose this ability to filter, some harmful liquids and residuum accumulate in your body. This may cause high blood pressure and end stage renal failure. The end stage renal failure occurs with kidneys’ losing 90 per cent of their normal function. Among the treatment options for this disease there are dialysis and kidney transplantation.

The most common reasons for end stage renal failure are:

  • Diabetes
  • Chronic and uncontrollable high blood pressure
  • Chronic glomerulonephritis- permanent function loss in your kidneys as a result of the inflammation of small filters on them (glomeruli)
  • Polycystic kidney disease


Kidney transplantation with living donors is a quite comfortable method for both donors and takers. Besides, quite successful results are also taken in the kidney transplants which are made from a person whose cerebral death occurred- that is, a cadaver.

Cornea Transplantion (Keratoplasty)

"Cornea transplantation", commonly known as "eye transplantation", is performed on tens of thousands of patients worldwide every year. In this surgery, not the whole eye is replaced, but only the transparent tissue on the outermost part of the eye, which is about half a millimeter thick. It is important that cornea transplantation is performed by experienced doctors in fully equipped centers.

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