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Pay attention to these for a natural nose

Pay attention to these for a natural nose


With the arrival of the spring months, the interest in rhinoplasty operations is increasing day by day with the desire to look more beautiful in the summer. However, in order to have a healthy and natural nose, some important details need to be paid attention to.  Memorial Health Group Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Department experts gave information about the things that those who want to have rhinoplasty should pay attention to.

Your new nose should accurately reflect the meeting of science and art

It is an absolute must to ensure that the nose is aesthetically shaped during the nose surgery and that it can perform the breathing function in a healthy way. Therefore, the surgeon has to plan and implement both interventions at the same time. This is why we can say that rhinoplasty is an operation that brings science and art together.

Small nose does not mean beautiful nose

The most important factor that should be emphasized while emphasizing the artistic aspect of rhinoplasty is naturalness. The most important development regarding rhinoplasty surgeries in the last twenty years has been that the most successful surgeries have natural-looking results. Because in the 70s and 80s, attempts were made to reduce the nose, thin it and raise the tip of the nose as standard in people who had nose surgery. As a result of the surgeries performed in this way, all noses looked the same, and accordingly, it was immediately noticed that the person had an operation. More importantly, there were serious breathing complaints in very shrunken noses, and significant deformations occurred in the middle and tip of the nose over the years. Today, instead of making the nose smaller, interventions are made to balance it in the front view and harmonize it with the other elements of the face. In this context, not only downsizing processes are implemented, but also initiatives where some sections are enlarged when necessary. Thus, with rhinoplasty, the functional function of the nose is preserved, breathing complaints, if any, are treated, and the nose (root, middle part and tip) is balanced within itself and the nose is compatible with other elements of the face.

Do a good research before having surgery

Aesthetic nose surgery is performed in two ways as open and closed surgical methods. About 20 years ago, the trend in nose surgeries all over the world was in the direction of closed technique. In other words, the operations were performed in a closed manner by entering through the nostrils, without any visible incisions on the skin. However, over the years, it has been observed that the results obtained after the operations performed with the open technique are much more successful and the postoperative recovery period is much faster. For this reason, today, good surgeons all over the world prefer the open technique, although they also use the closed technique when necessary. In the open technique, an incision is made between the nostrils and the entire operation is performed by seeing with the naked eye. In this way, much more subtle interventions are possible and more successful results are obtained. In addition, since the capillaries that bleed during the operation are immediately intervened, the bleeding is much less during the operation, and accordingly, the swelling and bruises are kept at a minimum during the healing process. Apart from that, the incision mark made between the nostrils becomes completely obscure within a few weeks.

Patients can be discharged on the same day

Although rhinoplasty is a very difficult and delicate operation for the surgeon, it is also an easy operation on the patient's side. The patient does not feel any pain after the operation.  Since no tampons are placed in the nose anymore, patients do not experience a very important post-operative nasal congestion. After nose surgery, patients can be discharged from the hospital on the same day. Swelling and bruises occur a few hours after the operation towards the evening; It reaches its maximum level within 48 hours. After that, the healing process begins and the bruises are completely gone on the 4th - 5th days, and the plastic mold on the nose is removed on the 6th day; Instead, a paper patch is pasted. The paper patch is also removed by the patient himself/herself at home. Since dissolving stitches are used, the stitches in the nose will dissolve on their own within a week or ten days; There is no suture removal procedure. In about 8-9 days, a recovery will be achieved that will not be noticed when the person is operated on from the outside. The person can easily return to work and normal life.

Your doctor's experience and dexterity are very important

The need for revision surgery usually arises as a result of over-reducing the nose. Reducing the nose too much causes narrowing of the air channels and accordingly breathing complaints. In addition, reductions in the skeletal structure and cartilage cause the nasal skin to not adapt to the new structure, as a result of which the nasal skin sags downwards. The situation, which is defined as nose drop among the people, is one of the problems that arise as a result of the nose being reduced too much. Apart from this, asymmetries that occur as a result of different attempts made in both parts of the nose are also one of the frequently encountered deformations. This and many other aesthetic and functional defects can be removed with secondary surgeries and successful results can be obtained. However, the surgeon's experience, dexterity and aesthetic point of view gain much more importance in revision surgeries. It requires much more savings than the first surgeries.

Seasonal differences disappeared for rhinoplasty surgery

There is no particular recommended time for rhinoplasty surgeries. These surgeries are frequently performed in cold weather in winter and hot weather in summer. Young people who want to have rhinoplasty surgery should have completed the development of bone, cartilage and skin tissues in the nose. The earliest age is 16-17 in women; 17-18 for men. Nose surgeries can be performed at these ages.

Small nose causes feminine appearance in men.

Nose aesthetic surgeries performed on men have some privileges. Reducing the nose too much in male patients also causes a feminine appearance. For this reason, interventions such as reducing the nose, thinning the nose, and lifting the tip of the nose in male patients should be done much more measuredly. As it is known, nose surgeries are also a treatment for breathing complaints. At this point, the solution to the problem of snoring while sleeping, experienced by many men in the society, is again nasal aesthetic surgery. If the cause of snoring is functional disorders in the nose, when these problems are resolved with nasal surgery, patients also get rid of the complaint of snoring.

Prepared by the Medical Editorial Board. Our health library contents have been prepared for informational purposes only and with the scientific content on the registration date. For all your questions, concerns, diagnosis or treatment about your health, please consult your doctor or health institution.

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