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Third Hand in Spinal Surgery

All the surgical operations of congenital disorders of children, scoliosis, spinal cord tumours, waist and neck hernia necessitate millimetric sensitivity. Thanks to the high technology devices which become the third hand of surgeons, surgical operations can maximize the comfort of patients. The specialists of Brain Nerve and Spinal Cord Surgery in Memorial Şişli / Ataşehir gave information on the high technology used in spinal surgery.

Spinal Surgery can be applied on every age

In spinal surgery, different operations take place according to the age groups. Treatments of diseases like bone aperture, natural tumours of spine and spinal cord which are caused by mostly congenital problems are prominent among treatments in children. While the surgery of hernia in neck, back and loins which are known as degenerative diseases are seen frequently in middle age group, surgeries of canal narrowing and slipping, problems of spinal cord caused by canal membrane and neural pressures which are caused by osteoporosis are applied in the elderly group. Besides these, the physical injuries caused by trauma and curvature of spine (scoliosis) also necessitate spinal surgery.

You can return your social life much faster

Many technological developments have been experienced for the prevention of the risks of patient security. The advanced technology devices which were developed to complete the surgical process successfully and prevent any complications also enable the patients to return their social life faster. The surgical operations which are not aggressive in comparison with the past and done by minimal cuts as target oriented protect all the anatomic structures like bones, cartilages, tissues or muscles. With these patient-friendly methods, it is aimed to protect the neighbouring and normal nerve tissues where the surgery is applied.

Advanced Technology provides an opportunity for safe surgery

Many advanced technology devices are used to increase the safety of both patients and surgeons.

Spinal table: A suitable patient bed, that is, an operation table is used in the spinal surgery operation room. These special tables have been designed to prevent the patient from experiencing any problems regarding heart, circulatory system and so on.

O-Arm (intraoperative tomography): Having been located in the operation room, this device substitutes for the device of Rontgen. Thanks to O-Arm, the real time tomography of the patient can be taken on the operation table. Thanks to the image reflected on the screen, the area where the surgery will be applied can be detected with almost 100% accuracy. This provides an opportunity to execute the surgery with minimal cuts. Another advantage of O-Arm device is that it enables to the instruments like plate-screw system to be send to the right spot in the right angle thanks to the navigation device that is defined for tomography.

Neuro Monitoring: This device detects if there are any damages on spinal cord or peripheral nerve because of the surgery during the operation. Signals are taken from the electrodes placed on the face, arms and legs of the patients before the operation by a neurologist. When any decrease of signal is detected, the surgeon is informed on being on a delicate spot. Thanks to this method, a possible face, arm or leg paralysis is minimised to a great extent.

Intraoperative ultrasonography: This device which is especially used in tumour operations helps to see whether the entire cyst is taken out. Using intraoperative ultrasonography by a radiologist, it is calculated how much of the tumour is taken out. This device minimizes the risk of a remained tumoural area in case of the tumours which cannot be distinguished from the normal tissue easily.

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