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Memorial Stroke Rehabilitation Center

For a healthy and independent life after stroke, we are with you with our experienced staff, robotic rehab applications and special methods for patient needs. You can regain your mobility after stroke.

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Stroke Rehabilitation Center

At the Memorial Stroke Rehabilitation Center, it is aimed to maximize the living quality and functional ability with the conventional methods of physical rehabilitation and the applications supported by robots. A comprehensive treatment opportunity is offered for the patients with the physical therapy and rehabilitation applications supported by the robots which are combined with the conventional methods and integrated with the virtual reality.


After cancer, stroke has reached the 3rd rank among the diseases which threaten daily life. Stoke is also the most frequent reason of disability in adults throughout the world. When the blood flow is cut or diminished, an event named as stroke happens; this event prevents the brain tissue to take oxygen and nutrition. This may occur as a result of the blockage in brain vessels or brain hemorrhage.

Brain Injury

The reasons of brain injury can be classified as traumatic and non-traumatic injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries:

Events like:

  •  Physical injuries caused by falling
  • Traffic accidents,
  • Occupational accidents,
  • Gunshot injuries
  • Assault cause traumatic brain damage.

Non-traumatic brain injuries:

  • Injuries caused by brain tumor,
  • Infection of cerebral cortex or white matter (meningitis or encephalitis),
  • Poisoning from stove gas, other gases or lead, 
  • Asphyxiation of brain because of cardiac arrest (hypoxic, anoxic ischemic brain damage),
  • Degenerative neurological diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson, and Huntington may cause brain injury.

The main symptoms of brain injury are loss and clouding of consciousness, paresthesia in arms and legs, loss of strength, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, and seizures. Situations like potential loss of strength in arms and legs because of brain damage are the symptoms which can be detected at the first glance. On the other hand, brain injury also causes some mental, emotional and behavioral symptoms and this situation may be difficult to be understood by the patients and people around them.

Robotic Rehabilitation

Robotic therapy is an important part of the comprehensive physical therapy and rehabilitation process right after the brain tumor operation. Robotic Bed and Robotic Walking technologies are benefited to ensure standing up and walking especially during the earlier period.

When the patient succeeds in this process, a walking training which strengthens the learning process with virtual reality and actively help with the walking robot Lokomat with Free D is used. When the patient succeeds to sit, a full-fledged hand-arm robot named Armeo Power with Manova is used for the next level.  

Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation

Patients my lose their movement and functional abilities like walking, gesture, balance, swallowing and speaking after stroke (paralysis), brain injury and brain tumor operation. In order to make the patients regain their functional abilities and return to their social life as soon as possible, the inpatient comprehensive physical therapy service is provided at our treatment centers.

Pain Treatment

Pain Treatment Center provides holistic approaches in which treatment with the existing and newly developed medicines, pain killer injections; and regenerative therapies like prolotherapy, PRP and stem cell therapy also exist alongside with physical therapy.

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