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Robotic Rehabilitation

Robot - Assisted Therapy

Robotic rehabilitation technologies enable the patients to regain their movements rapidly and in a correct way. Making the exercises compatible with the physiologic patterns and repetitively with the help of robots enables the correct re-learning of the movement in brain and spinal cord. The stem cells in brain get used to the process of ensuring the lost function by teaching the movement which is repeated in the suitable frequency. Here, the motivation in the therapy is kept high with the sensors in the robotic system and the virtual reality applications which enable the entertained adaptation of the patient to the process.

Hocoma Lab

Robotic walking systems can be categorized within 2 main groups as the early period passive walking robot-robotic bed and advanced period walking robot with active help. Lokomat Pro with Free D is the walking robot which is developed as nearest to the physiological walking. On the other hand, the Erigo Pro is a robotic bed, which is one of the rare systems in its field as a robotic bed-robotically supported upright standing and walking system. Another robotic device used in our walking laboratory is anti-gravity walking system. This system enables the weak muscle group to be trained in a suitable gravity level by decreasing the body weight of patients up to 80 % in comparison to gravity.  For this reason, the device is named as space walking or moonwalk by some patients.

Walking Robots

Robotic Bed System- Erigo Pro

An early treatment is so vital to prevent the paralysis of a patient in case of the diseases like stroke (paralysis), brain injury and brain tumor which cause function disorders in brain. Especially in this period, there are medical problems like impairment of consciousness, speech-understanding problems, nutritional issues, urine and stool control disorders, tracheostomy (respiratory tract) disorders, urinary catheter, cardiac rhythm disorders; high and low blood pressure in the patients and these should be accurately governed.

Lying in the bed for a couple of weeks may cause the weakening of cardiovascular system, myolysis, osteolysis, eburnation, bed sores, decrease of intestinal activities and rise of depression risk. In order not to encounter with these problems, the patients need to be risen up and moved immediately. Erigo Pro Robotic Bed technology has been developed to overcome the difficulties encountered in the conventional physical therapy exercises of Tilt Table and Manual Joint Motion.

Ensuring the control of all the medical problems during the early period, Erigo Pro Robotic Bed enables the patient to be straightened controllably and walked passively with robotic equipments. This enabling of early passive walking creates an opportunity to prevent the problems like advanced cardiovascular issues or joint rigidity which may occur because of being confined to bed. It also enables the patients to increase their environmental awareness and catalyzes the eagerness to socialize.

Walking Robot- Lokomat Pro with Free D

For the patients who have completely or partially lost their walking abilities, the most advanced robotic walking system which helps to regain the waling ability is used. The system which is integrated with the virtual reality makes the re-learning or enhancement of physiologic walking.

With Lokomat Pro Walking Robot, it is possible to make patients afoot and ensure the movements which are closest to walking even in case of the most serious neurological diseases. The pressure is reflected on the soles naturally and the alignment of ankle-knee-hip is protected as suitable to normal. According to the specific needs of the patients, the hip and knee joint motion angles can be adjusted by the therapists.  The sensors on the device record all the movement made.

The movement which could not be done by patient is completed by the robot and in this way, the re-learning mechanism between brain and legs is stimulated. There is also a virtual reality integration system in Lokomat Pro walking robot. In this system, the patients have a screen in front of them and an avatar which is the reflection of their body appears on this screen. There are many games fictionalized to increase the motivation of the patients. In this way, the patients find themselves in a bush walk or a gamified activity, so they regain their walking ability without feeling bored. During this process, graphics are revealed to the patients to show which joint and muscle groups are worked in what amount and their progress is monitored and recorded in this way.

In the robotic bed system, there is also an electric stimulation and muscle stimulation system to prevent muscle loss in legs caused by the immobility. The robotic bed system can be used in the patients with advanced myolysis to ensure a rapid muscle development.

Hand and Arm Robot

It is a robotic rehabilitation device which can be used in the mobility disorders of hand and arm, beginning from the early period of rehabilitation. Making the correct gesture and the daily lie activities repetitively and intensely stimulate the re-learning of the functions in brain. It makes the rehabilitation entertaining with the help of games as integrated with virtual reality.

Anti - Gravity Treadmill

Anti-Gravity Treadmill system is a device which uses the differential air pressure developed initially for the training of NASA astronauts. With this device, the body weight of patients can be reduced up to 80 % in comparison to gravity and this enables the weak muscle group to be trained in a suitable gravity level, wellbeing and performance can be enhanced.  With Alter G, the gravity which affects the body is decreased with the positive air pressure. Walking exercises can be started during the early period. The patients get rid of the fear of falling and focus themselves to walking. While the muscle strength increases, self-confidence also strengthens.

Anti-Gravity Treadmill system facilitates walking by providing a gravity-free environment for the patients who can walk with partial support by the help of active walking robot Lokomat after the level of early walking robot Erigo Pro in case of the patients who experience walking problems after brain hemorrhage, brain embolism, thrombosis, stroke (paralysis), traumatic brain injury and brain tumor operations. Meanwhile, the correct walking abilities of the patients can be enhanced and the general strength can be increased under the guidance of a physiotherapist. While the walking is advanced, cardio-pulmonary performance of the patients is also increased.

Anti-Gravity Treadmill system can be also used in cases of pain caused by orthopedic injuries or operations, partial spinal cord damage, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis (MS), Transverse Myelitis, diseases which affect many muscle and neural systems like Polyneuropathy, and in case of the walking abilities caused by the chronic diseases like obesity, general muscle and skeletal weakness caused by aging, and balance disorders.


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