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  • The first seamless corneal transplant was performed in Turkey.
  • Bloodless liver transplant was performed for the first time in Turkey.
  • Turkey's first pediatric robotic, diabetes and obesity surgery was performed.
  • The first robotic kidney transplant to recipient was carried out in Turkey.
  • Memorial Şişli Hospital is the first Turkish hospital that has received the international JCI accreditation certificate.
  • Our Şişli Hospital was also the first private hospital in Turkey licensed by the Ministry of Health for transplantation (of liver and kidney) and the relevant laboratory services in March 2004.
  • The first pediatric non-haemocompatible liver transplantation in Turkey was performed in Memorial.
  • Prof. Dr. Semra Kahraman, Head of Memorial In Vitro Fertilization Center, had passed into the history of Turkish medicine by providing pregnancy via micro-injection method for the first time in Turkey.
  • Heart muscle cell generation from the embryonic stem cells was performed for the first time in 2004 in Memorial Hospital.
  • Memorial was the first hospital in Turkey to apply methods that require advanced technology and knowledge base such as capsule endoscopy and endostent.
  • Memorial Antalya Hospital is the one and only In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Center in Turkey accredited by the American Association of Embryology.
  • Memorial Şişli Hospital's Tissue Typing and Immunology Laboratory is the first private laboratory accredited in Turkey by the ‘European Federation For Immunogenetics (EFI)’.
  • Memorial Şişli Hospital's In Vitro Fertilization Laboratory is the one and only IVF laboratory in Turkey accredited by the TÜRKAK Accreditation Institute as per the ISO 15189 standards.
  • Turkey and kidney surgery for the first time in Europe with a 2.5 month old baby robotic surgery was performed


"The message from the president"

Turgut Aydin

Chairman of the Board


We founded Memorial Hospitals Group with the aim of bringing health service to our country at international standards. Since our establishment, we are proud to break grounds in the health sector and to provide Memorial quality health care to hundreds of thousands of patients.

Our greatest source of pride in Healthcare is Memorial quality. We accomplished great things with pride of obtaining JCI Accreditation Certificate ,which is the international quality certificate in the Health Care, as first in Turkey and 21st in the world and bringing world health standards to our country.

Today, we combine advanced diagnosis and treatment methods with the latest technological medical devices and close attention at all our service points with hundreds of specialised doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, and make healing.

Memorial, a 'world hospital' with its “firsts” in healthcare, now receives patients from 167 countries of the world. We carry out trending studies in the world medical literature, with successful practices we have performed in our departments such as especially IVF and Genetics, Cardiovascular Surgery, Cardiology and Organ Transplantation.

The importance we attach to scientific research, our patient-oriented service policy, faithfulness to medical ethical values, our vision of always having the best medical resources and our quality values are essential for us.

Memorial is constantly being upgrading, growing and continuing to serve in new locations for you.

The most important thing for us is your leading a healthy and happy life. For this purpose, we are continuously working to provide you the best service.

Everything is for you; “Because Your Health is Precious”


Board of Directors

Turgut Aydın

Chairman of the Board

Ahmet Yaşar Aydın

Vice Chairman of the Board

Yusuf Aydın

Board Member

Ayhan Aydın

Board Member

Şehminur Aydın

Board Member

Our Managers


Bora Uludüz

Group Directors

Adnan İçli

Group Director

Dr. Hakan Taşlı

Group Director

Hande Erel

Group Director

Kerem Topuz

Group Director

Kaan Öztuncer

Group Director

Uz. Dr. Yüksel Koçak

Group Director

Ziya Parıltılı

Group Director

Medical Management

Dr. Özay Ünal

Şişli Hospital Director

Kaan İkiz

Şişli Hospital Director Assistant

Uzm. Dr. Mehmet Burak Kadıoğlu

Şişli Hospital Director Assistant

Dr. Dursun Ali Şener

Ataşehir Hospital Director

Burak Kukül

Ataşehir Hospital Director Assistant

Mevhize İlkiz Er Dağ

Ataşehir Hospital Director Assistant

Dr. Sevim Şuekinci

Bahçelievler Hospital Director

Arzu Konuk

Bahçelievler Hospital Director Assistant

Dr. Sevim Şuekinci

Bahçelievler Hospital Director

Dr. Emel Üren

Bahçelievler Hospital Director Assistant

Fatih Uyanık

Bahçelievler Hospital Director Assistant

Onur Solmaz

Bahçelievler Hospital Director Assistant

Dr. Metin Hüseyin Arsakay

Ankara Hospital Director Assistant

F.Tuba Eski

Ankara Hospital Director Assistant

Ümit Boncuklu

Antalya Hospital Director

Uz. Dr. Ş. Murat Apaydın

Kayseri Hospital Director

Dr. Aziz Cihan Şahin

Bucharest Operation Director

Dr. Abdurrahman Aktaş

Diyarbakır/Dicle Hospital Director

Dr. Nihat Şengal

Medstar Antalya Hospital Director

Dr. Altan Ayaz

Medstar Antalya Hospital Director Assistant

Uzm. Dr. Naci Tataç

Medstar Topçular Hospital Director

Dr. Hüseyin Ayvacıoğlu

Medstar Topçular Hospital Director Assistant

Administrative Management

Fulden Baran Toz

Project Director

Özlem Çakar

Human Resources Director

Mustafa Cevizci

Hospitality Services Director

Elisabeth Caruana

Information Systems Director

Hümeyra Hepdaval

Domestic Marketing Director

Company Information

Head Office Address: Burhaniye Mahallesi Nagehan Sokak A Apt. No: 4 A / 1 Üsküdar / İstanbul

Tax Office: Major Taxpayers

Tax Number: 4810037012

Trade Registry Name: Istanbul

Trade Registry Number: 300074

Committed Capital Amount: 108.000.000 TL

Paid Capital Amount: 108.000.000 TL