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7 Ways To Cope With Obesity

7 Ways To Cope With Obesity


Obesity continues to be one of the most serious diseases of our time, posing a threat to the world and our country. Obesity is known to be caused by an increase in fast food consumption, an irregular diet, and a decrease in physical activity. One out of every three people in Turkey is struggling with obesity. Dietitian Emine Yüzbaşolu from the Memorial Ankara Hospital Nutrition and Diet Department gave information on how to deal with obesity, which causes a slew of diseases and shortens people's lives.

Obesity is defined as an increase in the fat ratio in the body as a result of the energy required to be consumed daily being greater than the energy expended. According to BMI (Body Mass Index), which is known as the simplest method for assessing obesity;

BMI:  18-20= Underweight

        20-25= Healthy

        25-30= Overweight

        30-35= considered to be extremely obese.

Don't let obesity be your destiny

Genes are one of the most important and unchangeable causes of obesity. However, we must not hide behind genetics and accept it as unavoidable. If a person is predisposed to obesity, they should reconsider their eating habits. Obesity can be prevented with proper and balanced nutrition. It is critical to limit our consumption of ready-made and semi-ready foods, which contain ingredients that are hazardous to our health and contribute to obesity due to their high calorie content.

Physical activity is crucial

Despite an increase in fast food consumption, one of the factors that contribute to obesity is a decrease in physical activity. The increased reliance on technological devices such as computers and televisions, as well as the decrease in movement in social life, paints a frightening picture for us. Many children and young people now spend time in front of computers rather than playing in parks, and they use a virtual form of communication. This combination of inactivity and bad habits leads to obesity and creates a vicious circle.

Heed these tips to fight obesity

  • Do not become reconciled with your weight. Aim to lose excess weight not only for the sake of your appearance but also for the sake of your health.
  • By reviewing your eating habits, find your mistakes and try to change them. Get expert support if needed to make these changes.
  • When you are ready, begin the diet that the expert will recommend.
  • Do not rush to lose weight. Give yourself a long time and believe that you will lose weight.
  • Don't let the people around you affect you negatively while dieting. If necessary, do not share your diet with anyone.
  • Do not consider quitting the diet if you are unable to lose weight; instead, try to be patient by assuming that it will not be a solution.
  • Try to increase your physical activity while dieting. But don't derail your motivation by saying things like, "I can't do sports, and I can't lose weight with diet alone."

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